Kent Security's Shameful Conduct

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For some background information on our newsworthy case, read the Miami New Times article on the Kent Security "Wall of Shame". You can also see Fox 4's coverage right here. Both of these media organizations deserve praise for covering this horrific story of workplace abuse.

The purpose of this project is to combat employer retaliation and to promote employee dignity. Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security made the news for punishing employees who complained about a "Wall of Shame" and wooden paddles used to decorate a workplace at a gatehouse at the Kensington Golf and Country Club in Naples, FL.

While some may argue that wooden paddles and a "Wall of Shame" are no big deal, it is a big deal to punish employees when they address legitimate concerns about their workplace. Besides, many of those who say it was no big deal are likely to make a big deal out of it if they or their friends are ever to be exposed to this toxic workplace behavior. Moreover, employees should be treated as human beings with dignity rather than like animals whose only use is to maximize profit.

The behavior shown by Kent Security violated employee dignity in a way that provoked outrage throughout South Florida, and has inadvertently spurred growth in the movement for employee dignity. Notably, the National Labor Relations Board ruled against Kent Security and in favor of the victims and referred to Kent's conduct as "unlawful." We have also won support from a number of lawyers throughout the state and have been in contact with the NAACP of Collier County.

We believe it is important to stand up against Kent Security out of principle to prevent them from continuing this type of conduct to current and future employees. We believe the company went over the line and we will therefore hold the company accountable for this misconduct. Contrary to the beliefs of some, the blame for the media coverage and resultant loss of the company's market share in Naples should go to the wrongdoers rather than the whistleblower. It is whistleblowers who stand on principle who are the basis for our rights — just as the Founding Fathers of this country stood for principles against a powerful establishment.

We also believe that the company's unwillingness to admit wrongdoing has further fanned the flames, making the company look even worse in a situation that was already bad with the negative press coverage. While admitting wrongdoing might have caused a temporary hit to the ego, it would have prevented the absurdity of avoiding the media and shunning the spotlight — indeed, when Fox 4's Sara Belsole called Kent Security corporate for a response, no one was willing to answer to give their side of the story. Evidently, the corporate executives in Miami were unprepared to even defend a position that was fundamentally untenable.

We intend to make this a central platform to help our audience find us all throughout the web. We are believers in technology and in the empowerment it potentially brings to the general public. We also believe that the way we are protesting against Kent Security can be used as a model for other labor activists throughout the nation. The fact of the matter is that workers must embrace rather than fear technology, which means picketing and strikes must in some cases also be taken online. We believe a digital revolution is underway and that we are merely one expression of this magnificent technological tide.

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